These are some of the resources I used to build this blog. I have not modified JBake at all, only needed to ensure that I run version 2.7 or higher. I removed almost all JavaScript including but not limited to tracking. The only remaining JavaScript is highlight.js for code styling.

Ideas for Posts

  • How to build proper test cases without thinking about positive and negative testing, using an account creation screen as example (username, password, email, name)

  • Switch or if-else

  • Erroneous data

  • Coverage is not a metric for quality

  • Show why List.get() is not inlined and show what performance gain is possible with a simpler get.

  • Memory allocation cost is no constant

  • Tinymap vs. Hashmap

  • Simple list vs. ArrayList, cache and things

  • Matcher.reset vs. Pattern.matcher

  • How to use Optional and why it is cool…​ and not that expensive

  • StringBuilder instead of +? Not anymore!